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Freeware and Archived Software

Welcome to the SilverAge Software's attic!
The products here are provided abolutely free of charge.
Also here we keep software whose production has been ceased; however, we may update it sporadically if so required.
You can download it and use it for any purpose.

Free­Bee Find And Replace: A free version of HandyFile Find And Replace

FreeBee Find And Replace

Free­Bee Find And Replace is a free text search and replace tool. It will help you if all you want is quickly find and replace text across multiple files with one click. FreeBee Find And Replace will searches text-based files (ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8) for the specified text string and perform replacement with another string. See how FreeBee differs from the major editions.
See it listed on Lifetime Upgrades.

Download FreeBee Find And Replace

CodeX Writer

CodeX Writer: A text / HTML5 editor for Windows with FTP support

CodeX Writer is an Internet-ready, Unicode and UTF-8 enabled, FTP powered text, HTML and code editor for Windows. It features fully customizable syntax highlighting; flexible project support; remote FTP file editing and many other useful goodies. The ability to show the real-time code outline makes it the most comfortable XML editor. Whether you're editing a O2 webpage or going through some code, this is the ideal program in which to code, streamline and design.
Like one of our users said, "it takes me to the time when Visual Studio was young :)".
See it listed on Lifetime Upgrades.

Download CodeX Writer

Regular Expression Laboratory

Regular Expression Laboratory

Regular Expression Laboratory is an assistant simple to use tool to help you learn and prepare regular expressions.

If you are a developer or just do some text processing tasks, Regular Expression Laboratory is what you need. In fact, you might feel you needed a program like this one but could not formalize your needs. We have done this job for you. Now you can construct your regular expressions with ease and test them by applying to arbitrary text.

The maximum size of a stored regular expression supported by Regular Expression Laboratory is the same as for HandyFile and Text Workbench: the incredible 2MB!

Download Regular Expression Laboratory

Handy Image Mapper

Handy Image Mapper

Handy Image Mapper will help you easily create hot-spot areas for images and generate AREA and MAP tags on the Clipboard. Different parts of an image can use different links to many HTML pages. Handy Image Mapper can map GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP images and can work with any HTML editor.

Download Handy Image Mapper

Quoted String Counter

Quoted String Counter is a helper utility to count characters in quoted strings in ANSI files. It may be useful for translators.

Download Quoted String Counterruns without installation